HTC One X International Begins Receiving JellyBean Update

If you are a regular reader of Blogtechnika, you would well know that HTC One X is the Android device which we swear by. It simply does everything so well, the exterior of the device, the features, the shape, size and everything works brilliantly. It was one of the first smart phones out when ICS was new and ran it pretty well, though there were lags here and there. However, with root possible and usage of  custom ROM’s the device ended up being buttery smooth. Yet we all love to have to latest and greatest for our devices.

And in the search for the latest and greatest, if you are an owner of HTC One X then it’s a good news time. The international variant of the HTC One X has begun receiving the update to the much wanted Android JellyBean version. However, there is a little glitch. These updates are not being rolled out universally. They are being rolled out based on the device’s customer ID number. This means the devices which are sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong are likely to get their updates immediately, while those in India and other parts may have to wait for maybe a couple of weeks still.

The customers who have received the updates have been extremely pleased with the new found smoothness of the device and most importantly a massive improvement in the battery life of the phone. the battery on this device has been the only bottle neck so far and seems like HTC have fixed this issue. So definitely interesting few weeks ahead if you own the One X. And if you are impatient to get the update, then look out at the XDA forums where there are various methods to flash the ROM’s with Android 4.1 by updating your hboot. Though we do not personally recommend this and would advise you to await the OTA update for your cid.

Via: AndroidCental

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