HTC Profits Nosedive by 83% as compared to last year

HTC One is the best smartphone on the market, but that certainly has not been enough to save the company from recording an absolutely mammoth loss of 83% as compared to the past year. The Taiwan giants recorded just $41 Million roughly as compared to $2.35 Billion in the same quarter last year. The dip has once again put the future of the company in stark doubt and if HTC will remain one of the many players in the business as compared to being the market leader they deserve to be. Poor marketing, some strange pricing strategies and loss of some key personell may be seen as main reasons for why HTC is really suffering.

HTC Quarterly reports

The Verge has compiled an interesting comparison of the diving profits of HTC starting from the last quarter in 2010. It is indeed shocking to see the numbers given that HTC had announced, the sale of at least 50 Million HTC One devices in just 50 days from when the device went on sale. This certainly translates to the fact that the other mid range and lower range devices have not turned out to be as profitable for HTC as hoped. Given these segment are crowded and full of options with just about every OEM fighting the battle of putting most in devices for lesser price.

It certainly would be interesting to see what the future hold for HTC, for now though, things look pretty bleak.

Via: The Verge

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