HTC RE Adds Suppor for Youtube Live

HTC RE, the handy little camera accessory that HTC had announced recently has received a major new update. So far it was possible to only record videos or images and then share or edit them using the smartphone which supported RE. However given the shape and the size of RE it makes sense to use the little gadget as a broadcasting device which would be able to stream content live right from the device itself.


This exact ability is what has been added with the help of the support for Youtube Live that has been brought with the latest update to HTC RE. Now, you can go to the RE application, log into your Youtube account and stream content directly from the device itself to the users who may want to watch the event live. The feature for now is available only on the Android application of RE and the iOS counterpart will receive the same in the due course of time, which is actually a pity.

The RE camera must be connected at all times to your phone for it to be able to stream content. A link right from the application can be shared via an SMS or E-Mail so that your broadcast can be watched over. After the broadcast ends, the link will remain live as a recording of the entire event.

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