HTC Receives Source Code for Android Lollipop 5.0 and Promises to Roll Updates for HTC M7 and M8 by February

Right after the announcement for Android 5.0, HTC had updated its users that those who are using the HTC M7 and HTC M8 will receive updates to Android 5.0 or Lollipop now, within a period of 90 days of HTC receiving the final source code from Google. While HTC had set up a page for the same, where you can track the progress, what was not quite clear was when would HTC receive the final code.

HTC took to Twitter yesterday to confirm that they have now received the final code for Android 5.0 from Google and have begun the work on updates. These updates obviously will be OTA, and although HTC had only initially made the promise for its two flagship devices, i.e. the M7 and M8, it did later on take time to tweet that they will inform everyone of the Android KitKat update to their other devices soon too, keeping the hope alive for some of the not marquee devices.

With the same estimate of 90 days work, all the HTC M7 and M8 owners can expect the update to hit their devices sometime early February. By the exact calculation of 90 days, the update should be out on or before February 3rd, though that’s really being picky.


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