HTC Shares the Story of How Android Updates are Processed

Android has been called notorious for not being able to deliver updates in time to all the wide variety of devices which run on it. But, more often than not, it is the OEMs and optimization to their bundled skins that eats away the time while the end user chews on his nails, relentlessly hitting the Check for Update button.

However, HTC, one of the manufacturers who use a custom skin of their own, called the HTC Sense, on top of Android on their devices has decided to come clean and overwhelm us with how much actually goes into work when a new update comes out. Yes, it is not as easy as we thought it initially was, but it sure makes the age old argument, that if updates are your thing and you always want to be running the latest and greatest on your device then you are best advised to pick up a nexus smartphone, very valid.

So sit back, be prepared, cause yes, this is a long journey, right from when Google announces an update to when your HTC smartphone receives it:


Via: HTC

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