HTC SmartWatch to Ditch Android Wear?

It is an automatic assumption that if a smartwatch is being manufactured by any OEM that is not Apple, you would assume it would run Android Wear. It has been true as well with several smartwatches using Android Wear especially those from Samsung, Asus, LG and Motorola but with HTC you always know things will be slightly different.

In the most recent update sent out by Upleaks, one of those who claims to hold a lot of insider’s knowledge when it comes to teh working of big OEMs, it has been revealed that the HTC Smartwatch will come with a custom OS very much like the Pebble instead of going with the easy option of Android Wear.


The watch is expected to work with both Android 4.4 and above devices as well as iOS 7 and above devices. The device is codenamed Petra. It would be available in three different sizes and weigh about 23 g. All the details of the device as unveiled by Upleaks are below:

  • HTC’s first wearable device.
  • Chipset: ST Micro STM32L151
  • OS: RTOS developed by HTC(NOT Android Wear)
  • Size: S/M/L
  • Weight: 23g
  • Display: 1.8? 32*160 PMOLED flexible display
  • Support Bluetooth and GPS
  • Charge battery via POGO Pin or USB
  • Battery Life: 3days+
  • Water/Dust proof rated at IP57
  • Passed MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6 test
  • You can use Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Music Control, Camera Shuttor, Sleep Analysis, Sports Analysis/ see today’s schedule, weather, your phone’s notification.
  • Support Android phone(Android 4.4 or later), and iOS(7.0 or later).
  • Package include footpad which can help to analysis steps more correctly.
  • will release worldwide but 1st country is USA.
  • Color: Teal/Lime, Black/Blue Gray
  • Expected Launch Date: Q1 2015

Given that the expected date of launch is Q1, it would be completely possible that the device would be unveiled at the MWC 2015 with the HTC M9.

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