HTC Will Roll out the Marshmallow Update for HTC One M8 this Week

HTC has usually been very reliable when it comes to rolling out updates for their devices. In fact, they were the ones to release the first Android phone post the new Nexus phones, a device with Marshmallow out of the box in the form of HTC A9. It is only sad to see the problems that the legendary OEM finds itself in, but it still continues to do things that really impress you.

HTC One M8 Update

One such thing is the rollout of the Marshmallow 6.0 update for the HTC One M8, that was confirmed over Twitter for the phone, which will be rolling out starting this week. It is interesting that HTC has been able to release the update faster for its previous year’s flagship rather than this year’s HTC One M9+. It may well be down to the issue of drivers that has plagued MediaTek chipset devices, which delays the whole process of updates.

The good news was shared by HTC’s VP of Product Management, Mo Versi, who took to his Twitter to confirm that testing for the M8 unlocked variant is complete and the update will rollout within 24 hours. As a result, we would assume that those in India will be able to enjoy the update in the coming days too. If you are using the HTC One M8, get your fingers on the update button and continue to frantically refresh till the sweet taste drips on the device.

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