HTC Working on a Phablet Codenamed T6

HTC has so far kept an arm’s distance from the so called Phablet or category of devices measuring longer than 5 inch when it comes to the display. But, when the fire spreads, it engulfs everything and that is what seems to be happening as far as HTC and Phablets are concerned. If the reports are to be believed from credible sources then HTC has already started working on it’s own Phablet codenamed T6. The device will enter the market against the likes of Samsung Galaxy  Note II and the Optimus G Pro which have been tremendously successful.


HTC has never made a phablet before so it would be interesting to see how they go about it. The phone will carry a 5.9 inch 1080 P display if we are to go by the rumours and run Android Key Lime Pie, the latest Android OS. The T6 will be powered by a 3300 mAh battery and will rock a 2.3 Ghz, quad core CPU. The device will also have 2 GB of RAM to keep things snappy and 16 GB internal storage to help store files on device.

All these, obviously are roumed specs and nothing can be sure shot until the device is released till end of summer or fall this year. It would be definitely interesting how HTC goes about it and what the phone looks like since it would be HTC’s first venture in the world of phablets.

Via: The Unlocker

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