Recognize Actors While Watching Movies Just By Hovering Mouse Over Their Face

Very Often we are sat watching a television series or a movie and all of a sudden a familiar face passes us. We know we have seen him, we definitely know him, but alas!!! we forgot his name. Or on the contrary you are a total noob, know nothing about movies and television and a new entrant but are curious to know just about every actor’s name so you can later check him out on IMDB and cause you liked his work. And add to it if you are a HULU subscriber and either of the two events happen with you while watching Hulu, then yes, we have the perfect solution for you.

Over its blog Hulu has announced a new technology called Face Match that would help you recognize that artists face. It’s a very simple technology, all you have to do is hover your mouse pointer on the face of the actor and there, bam!!! all the information about him would be out in front of you.


This is exactly how it works from Hulu’s announcement:

When you turn it on, the Hulu Face Match Engine can tell you more about the actors in the video the instant they appear. Just hover the mouse over a character’s face, and the video will pause to tell you a little bit more about that guy whose name you just can’t remember.

Yep, Face Match can help pick out the name of that actor or actress that’s on the tip of your tongue. But it will also help you know get to know the actors with some of their biggest roles, and we’ll even link to some of their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I personally think that this is a fantastic way to know about your actors, and a sure shot hit among the audience. However, face match is very much in the development phase and for the moment only select shows such as Glee, The Office, Wilfred, Modern Family and Lost are supporting this feature. Activating this service is rather simple, all you have to do is activate face match from the settings option on your player.

How do you find this concept of face match? Do let us know!

[via: PCMag].

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