Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 on Galaxy S I9000 (India)

With the inception of Ice Cream Sandwich, many Android geeks want  to try it to see its awesomeness. But there are lots of technical issues that prevent users to port ICS to Android devices. Previously Arpit wrote a nice article on porting ICS on Nexus S rooted. But that method apply only on Nexus S. What about the most famous Galaxy S device?

Here i bring a reason to rejoice for the Galaxy S I9000 users in India. Developers at xda forum haven’t specifically developed any ICS based Custom Rom for Indian devices. Latest update that the Indian Galaxy S has had so far is the India or Asia specific version dubbed as the “DDJV9 2.3.3” Gingerbread via Kies.

OneCosmic’s ICS 4.0.3 on your Galaxy S I9000




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Disclaimer: Please note that these instructions are not recommended for basic users (first timers) and are only for advanced users having prior experience of flashing. Also, we should not be held responsible for any damage happened to your device in any manner after following these instructions.

Try at your own risk.


1. You need to be on Gingerbread ROM 2.3.3 stock firmware.

2. Make sure that your device is completely charged. This is necessary for getting better battery backup on newly installed ICS ROM,a USB cable,a computer and adequate time.

3. Make sure that you have samsung kies installed in your computer for the USB Drivers.

Flashing a Custom ROM on Galaxy S involves two basic steps:

1. Flashing a custom kernel having Clockworkmod recovery preinstalled.

2. Flashing the Onecosmic’s RC3.1 ROM via the clockworkmod recovery.

WARNING: Follow the following tutorial step by step or else you may brick your phone.

STEP 1: Flashing Custom Kernel via Odin.

We need to flash a custom kernel on galaxy s because the 2.3.3 Gingerbread has <3e> recovery preinstalled which blocks flashing of Custom ROMs and it looks like this….


So we would be flashing a custom kernel having the older <2e> recovery which came with the Froyo and the Eclair versions of the phone, but it would be a custom <2e> based recovery called “CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY”

The Kernel we need to flash is “Speedmod kernel”.

1. Download file 1: ODIN 1.85 (Extract the files into a temporary folder, for example C:\Temp\Odin\)

2. Download file 2: Speedmod Kernel (place this file into the same directory as Odin)


  • Power off your phone.
  • Wait for the phone to completely shut down (it takes about 30 seconds).
  • Press and hold Volume-Down + Home + Power at the same time.
  • The phone should boot into Download Mode with the words “do not turn off target!!!!”



  • Quit/Exit Kies on your pc.
  • From the directory where you extracted the files, run Odin3 v1.85.exe.
  • Now plug in your phone to the USB port of your PC. If you have Kies previously installed, you should see one of the ID:COM boxes turn yellow.



  • In PDA select the “speedmod-kernel-K16-11-Odin.tar” file you extracted.

Leave other things Default:

  • PHONE, CSC, PIT should be blank
  • Re-partition should be un-ticked

You should see something like this:


  • Click on the “START” button to start the firmware upgrade. Do not disconnect your phone or PC at this point.
  • After the upgrade finishes, your phone should reboot.

IF ERROR: In case Odin does not start flashing and shows an error, your phone might go into the “download error” mode:


DON’T PANIC. This happens sometimes when there is a USB connection error.

First disconnect the USB cable from your phone. Next shutdown your phone, by either: Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. The phone will power off. If it does not, just take out the battery and put it back in.

Close Odin and follow the procedure again from the beginning…..


STEP 2: Installing Onecosmic’s ROM via Clockworkmod Recovery.

Once we are done with kernel flashing we will have <2e> custom recovery i.e. the Clockworkmod Recovery which could be booted into.

· Download File: Onecosmic ICS RC3.1(Place this zip file in the internal sd card of your phone as it is)

· Long press power button of your galaxy s, you will see this menu. press “Reboot”.


· Now on pressing “Recovery” you will enter into Clockworkmod Recovery.


NOTE: In the recovery menu touchscreen won’t work .Use volume buttons to navigate up and down the menu and power button to select any particular option.

· Now navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” and select it. Then select “yes” to confirm.

clip_image021 clip_image023

· After the Data Wipe is completed, select “wipe cache partition” and then select ‘Yes – Wipe Cache’ to confirm.

clip_image025 clip_image027

• Now select “Advanced” and wipe “Dalvik Cache” and confirm it.

clip_image029 clip_image031


· Now wipe “Battery Stats” as well and confirm it.

clip_image035 clip_image037

· Now select “+++++Go Back+++++” option.

· Select “install zip from sd card” from main Recovery menu and then select “choose zip from sd card”.

clip_image039 clip_image041

· Now select “ICS” file which was saved earlier and confirm it.

clip_image043 clip_image045

· Wait for a few minutes until installation finishes. You can breathe now!

· Now go back and Reboot by selecting the ‘reboot system now’ option from main menu.

Voila! Enjoy the treat of the Ice Cream Sandwich on your Galaxy S !

Please leave your valuable comments for the same.

Blogtechnika is not responsible if your device gets bricked during the process.

41 Responses

    • Sorry man! This is specifically for Galaxy S I9000. Shouldn’t be tried on any other model. Could prove fatal for your device.
      ICS port for Galaxy S I9003 is still in alpha stage. It is not good for daily use as of yet.

      • P.S. Some Galaxy S devices consider the external sd card as their internal storage…
        so better see carefully which storage is considered as internal by the device and then place the above Onecosmic’s rom file at that location.

  1. can this be installed on my sgs having value pack xxjw4 2.3.6 installed over stock 2.3.3 ddjv9. Rooted, CWM Recovery kernel CF-root 4.4.

  2. I am from India. My GT I9000, earlier running ddjv9 2.3.3 gingerbread, is now updated to value pack xxjw4-2.3.6 gingerbread (I9000XXJW4_I9000OXAJW4_XEU). The phone is rooted and has CWM recovery.
    Can I update to this ICS?

    • yes! you can flash ICS, Just flash the ROM’s zip using CWM and don’t forget to do a Nandroid backup of your current firmware ROM using CWM…so you can revert back to the previous state in case anything goes wrong!

      • It didn’t worked perhaps due to following mistakes:
        1. placed ROM in external SD card instead of internal SD card.
        2. wipe “data/factory reset, cache partition, battery stats, dalvik cache” not done.
        Reinstall back-up done by CWM also did not work using three button combo.
        Had to reinstall Stock Phone, CSC, Modem through Odin. Then updated with Value Pack XXJW4 and rooted it. Then I got back CWM through which I could roll back the back-up taken from CWM earlier and got every thing back as if nothing had happened.

        Sidhanth, should I give another try?

  3. By flashing the ICS’s zip i meant you should have done all that you mentioned in your second point…
    Nevertheless, you can give another try if you want.
    You must take care that one you flash ICS on your device you can directly go to a gingerbread 2.3 custom rom especially based on cm7 because of the incompatibility issues…
    if you wish to go back to gingerbread in future after using ICS just restore the Backup of your current gingerbread firmware!

  4. Bro,
    Im new at the android world. Your blog is helpful, but if you give some video it will be great for the new users. Thanks.

    • Steps are very easy to follow in this post. If you still find problems you can surely ask me anytime i’ll direct you/give you video links for the same.

    • No Rahul, There’s absolutely no harm in upgrading to 4.0 even if you have rooted your device. Once you upgrade it will be automatically unrooted.

  5. Sidhanth
    Can you give me a proper link for downloading “Onecosmic ICS RC3.1” ? I found one but it said 404 error. Please reply.

  6. Sorry its 2.3.3 “DDJV9” not DDJV5

    Am ready with everything just ur advice is required

    Thnx in advance , Reply Fast !

    • r u talkin about baseband or kernal??? b’coz i have baseband DDJV5 and kernal n build version are DDJV9…. which is important n in rooting prosidure which is considrable?

  7. Bro,
    Now Im running ics. Really happy. I like to give you special thanks from bottom of my heart. Thanks a lot………………….god bless

    • Congrats Rahul! You can leave suggestions regarding the upcoming posts. I’ll try my best to solve your issues. Support us by liking our posts and be regular for more updates and news on android….
      Check out my new posts on Google I/O and Best Paid Racing Games for Android and How to download them for free!

  8. Every things Fine CHECKED n RUNNING …

    I did it n its running Smooth ! 🙂
    No one posted that they finished successfully.

    Thanks Dude !!!

  9. Bro,
    Just find a little hiccup with Bluetooth. When I try to share APK from my device, there are only gmail and skype mention as sending option. And no Bluetooth???? How to solve it man?? Please reply. Thanks.

  10. Bro,
    Can you teach me how can I go back to GB 2.3.3 . I love the ics. But still it have some lag like force close the games, do not play wma audio and some video too. And it can’t connect with kies. The blutooth problem is still not fixed. I already try to revert, but failed. I do not backup any GB file. So please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Bro,
    Please let me know if there are any update for ics 4.0.3 onecosmic available and the procedure also.

  12. hey Sidhanth,

    I have flashed my kernel using ODIN and successfully got the kernel changed but Im not getting the Reboot option when I long press the power button. 🙁 . Any suggestions ??

  13. I finally got it working, had to manually go the recovery mode using the 3-button func. 4.0 works like a charm. 😀

    Thanks Sidhanth.

  14. HI,
    i have used u r above suggested method to flash ….but while installing ICS_4.0.3_MR1-RC4.2_I9000 from internal sd card it just reboots again and agina after Google logo….Please help …Need quick fix.

  15. Hi Sidhanth,

    I tried rooting my phone in the aforementioned manner. the issue that i am facing is that, after rooting the phone does reboots but is stuck on the welcome screen, saying, samsung galaxy s GTI9000.

    I also tried semaphore kernel. Although this time the rooting was done, i was unable to flash my phone with a custom rom. This time, I was able to go to recovery mode and all. but, the phone got restart and got stuck on a screen saying SEMAPHORE.

    the rom which i was trying to flash is C-ROM MIX V22

    Kindly help me with this issue

  16. my cell phone show internal sd card…my cell phone have only kernal clock mode…so how to installed file

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