Ice Cream Sandwich And Gingerbread Popularity Rising

One of the biggest issues we have with Android is the lack of same version of Android running on all the devices. For example, there are plenty of phones out there who are still running an Ancient version of Froyo on them. However, with Ice Cream Sandwich Android has definitely tried to get a measure of this problem so that most of the phones run the same version. However, the biggest problem has been the fact that not all the devices have been able to get the updates and recently there was a massive debate on the fact that a five month waiting period for a firmware update is quite long.

However, the studies show that the two most latest versions of Android i.e. Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich are finally being adapted by most people on their devices, infact Ice Cream Sandwich is now running on about 5% Android smartphones which is a really positive news.

We only hope that in future all the devices can get updated to these latest versions, especially ICS because its truly beautiful and worth the wait. Here is the exact data for all those interested in the percentages:

Which Android version does your Android device run? Do let us know.


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