Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher 2.4 Gives You First Preview of Ice Cream Sandwich

Continuing with our extensive coverage of the much anticipated release of Google Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s very evident that we at Blogtechnika just cannot wait to see what Google will come out with next. Today we give you a brief preview through a launcher of how would the much anticipated next great thing from Google looks like.

Ice Cream Sandwich launcher 2.4 is a launcher that hopes to give you a brief preview of the aesthetic part of ICS. It is pretty much your standard launcher like Launcher Pro or ADW, with the difference being that it hopes to carry the looks of ICS. I personally found it pretty usable, there were a few forced closes but that could well be down to the fact that my device was not running the out of factory ROM. The launcher is stable and adds a few new features to your device.


For some strange reason I found this to be working faster than my stock launcher on CM7 mod. There is a nice toggle button on the home screen that lets you to see all your running application so that you can switch quickly instead of holding down the menu button for long. The home screen looks similar to ginger bread, but there were changes in the icons. Also the app drawer seemed neater and easier for apps to be found, though the much loved 3D drawer is gone. Also added is a tab for widgets when you open the app drawer so you can add widgets from your menu in case you do not fancy the long press on the screen. There are a few wallpapers thrown in there too for the wallpaper lovers, how authentically ICS they are, probably only time will tell.


Using the launcher so far has been pleasantly surprising; I have to admit being impressed. If this is how ICS would look like, your guess is only as good as mine, but am sure there would be a few more addons. So you could use this thinking like you are using ICS or just another launcher. It works both ways.

You can download the application from the developers thread here: Do not forget to acknowledge the efforts of the developers.

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