Ice Cream Sandwich Launches Tonight. What do we expect?

The tech world just about never sleeps. One event is followed by the announcement of another. We were hardly over the enthusiasm and excitement of the new iPhone that time has come for Google and Android to answer it’s closest rivals. Yes, you guessed it right it’s the launch of the new version of our beloved android ice cream sandwich tonight. After a weeks delay the event is finally here in Hong Kong, ready to serve us some tasty desert after what was a pretty disappointing dinner by Apple.

With every event comes loads of speculations and this is no different, what we do know for sure is that the event is going to launch the latest and greatest android version that aims to integrate all the android devices with one operating system from top to bottom. There is also a lot of hype around the first smart phone that would be carrying this version right out of the blocks called either the Nexus Prime or Nexus Galaxy. There have been a lot of leaks from around the places on the Internet and what we do know is that this device is going to be super duper thin. It would be a dual core phone with LTE enabled and also having NFC capabilities. Nexus prime, let’s call it, would be without a doubt the Google flagship device just like all the nexus lines o phones have been and will run the vanilla version of ice cream sandwich.

There has been plenty of hype around this even jointly hosted by Samsung and Google so hopefully we would not be disappointed like we were a couple of weeks ago and the initial signs definitely seem positive as ice cream sandwich really looks cool and aims to bring the best of both gingerbread and honeycomb OS. You can follow the live stream from 7PM PST and there would also be a live feed available on YouTube from the same time so do keep an eye for that. For all the latest from Hong Kong, stay tuned with your friends here at Blogtechnika, where we always bring the greatest and latest.

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