Identify Animals in the images to help Researchers

Instant Wild is a website that provides help to researchers by making users identify the animals in pictures and providing useful stats to them. Users can logon to the website and identify the animals on the website to play your part in useful research scientists are doing.


Instant wild is also available as an app for the iOS. You can view images from various locations across the globe. Select the nation from which you want to view images or you can view the entire collection all at once. If you don’t see an animal in the image, you can select the “This photo has no animals in it” option. If you believe you can identify the animal in the picture, click on the “ I want to identify the animal” option. You can then view images of various animals and select the image which you feel looks the most similar to the animal in the picture. But look closely and try to provide as correct an answer as you can. Because, by identifying the animals in the live and daily updated photographs, you are helping conservationists and researchers across the globe with extremely useful information that can help them to monitor wildlife.

You can also download the Instant Wild iPhone app available for free on the website.

Visit the Instant Wild website.

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