Identify Unknown Characters Easily with Shapecatcher

Have you ever come across a character or shape on the internet that you are not familiar with and are curious to know what it means? ShapeCatcher is an online tool where you can do just that. All you have to do is draw that shape in the box given on the website and the website will give you a list of possible meanings to that shape or character that you have drawn.


This website is simple yet innovative and gives users a chance to explore and know more from their browsing. This website can mostly be used by artists or designers who most commonly come across some really unusual shapes and characters from time to time. This website can quickly help them to identify the meaning of that shape as it is always good to know exactly what you are working with.

The website contains more that ten thousand unicode character glyphs in its database and also supports characters from different languages like Japanese, Korean or Chinese whose characters are the most unusual to look at but are frankly the most interesting when you find out the meaning. This website offers a chance to have fun while getting to know more through visual aid.

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