Idrod Music Player Brings iPod Classic Themed Music Player For Android

iPod is probably most widely used music player on the planet. Many people still fallback on their brick sized iPod classic as their main music player. We may have had several smart phones capable of playing music, but the feel of an iPod is pretty unique. It is funny that an 8 year old device can be so influencing when it comes to listing our must have device. However, what if you could now get the feel of an iPod Classic on your new Android phone? Yes,it may not be the real thing, but it could be a fun filled experience taking our experience back to the device we probably know the best when it comes to playing quality music.

Idrod is an amazing music player with a nice theme that resembles or rather is made to resemble the feel of the iPod classic. It is an ordinary music player like plenty others on the market, but looks like the iPod.Is that a reason enough to get it? Yes it is, we love customizing our Android devices and this could be a good way to show off the ability of your device. The UI is pretty nice and you have themes options to change the color of your iPod just the real way. You also have a click wheel sort of toggle buttons at the bottom, that lets you either shuffle tracks or go on to the next music in the playlist.

The music player can be used on just about any Android version starting from Gingerbread. It is available for free with ads support as well as for paid in case you want a player without any ads.

Here is the free version from Google Play.

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