IFA Pre Launch Day Roundup

Even before the IFA event in Berlin has kicked off, mobile followers have plenty to smile and be happy about. In fact, one could arguably say that the pre launch is probably as good as the main party itself. Now imagine if the starter on your big dinner out was so awesome, would it not make you want your main course even more? Sure it would. And that is the sort of taste that the pre launch of IFA left in our mouths. To want more and to engulf in the world of technology even more.

The even began to all the razzmatazz of Sony Mobile with the company taking wraps off several products. The first in line was the Xperia Tablet S which marks the beginning of Sony integrating their tablet lines within the Xperia branding. the tablet is said to be water resistant and has very similar design features as compared to the existing Sony Tablets. Though the company did say that it was slightly slimmer profile. The tablet would also ship with Tegra 3 processors under the hood with LTE on board if you want it. The display is 10+ inches, which makes the tablet one of the many options available in the so called alternate to iPad category.

The next in line were three smart phones with Sony taking the wraps of their new flagship device called the Xperia T. Xperia V and J were also launched. Xperia T is a 4.6 inch device with Retina Like HD display and would again be running a Quad Core chip. We are not too sure if it would ship with LTE on board cause the company certainly did not mention it. Next in line Xperia V definitely does have LTE and would sport a beautiful Sony Bravia Engine ran 4.3 inch screen. Xperia V is primarily aimed at young generation of users with a lot of emphasis on the designing and making the phone look beautiful rather than stack it up with impressive specs. Sony also took time to unwrap their new Camera which is WI-Fi and instant sharing enabled. The camera though does not run any sort of Android and all the downloads are available via Sony Store. There was also a partnership announced with an Orchestra from Berlin and a new head phone was also announced. All and all it was a pretty colourful and well put out show by Sony. However, the highlight of Sony’s event was definitely the 84 Inch 4K HD TV which simply was breathtaking and took the Bravia line of TVs to the next level.

Soon after the event was over Samsung took the stage with their own presentation and boy did they not take wraps of a lot of products. It all started with the launch of Note II. The device was pretty much how we expected it to be with. We definitely saw a lot of similarities with the just launched Galaxy SIII. The phone will be launched in titanium grey and pebble white colour. It measures 5.5 inches diagonally on a Super AMOLED HD display and would run a Quad Core processor with 2GB of RAM on board. The phone would also have LTE capabilities. The Note II also introduced a lot of new features and functions with an all new improved S-Pen which we found to be interesting. The presentation indeed was funny at times too and we instantly fell in love with a certain ‘Cheekay’ who was the demonstrator. He seemed way faster than the man on stage too.

After the Note II it was the turn of one more thing and that was the new point shooter camera from Samsung. The Camera would run Android on board and would have all the sharing features of the Android Market place. It has 21X of optical zoom and a 4.1+ inch display to go along with it. It also has all sorts of connectivity such as LTE as well as 3G and Wi-fi on board which makes the device a very desirable Camera. After the Camera was a turn of host of Windows 8 devices with a line up of devices called the Ativ. The new Ativ Smartphone S definitely grabbed our attention as it would run Windows 8 right off the shelves. Also on show were 2 notebook to Tablet convertibles, one tablet with all the MS-Office capabilities as well as a Series 9 notebook.

It definitely was an interesting presentation by Samsung especially with all the magic tricks and seemed like a lot of thought was added to the way they wanted to go about this one and let’s give them the credits where due, that the products were worth it. we have no qualms in calling the Galaxy camera the very first Smart Camera and probably the one that would start the avalanche of such devices. It is indeed mind boggling to think that the party has just started and that there is so much more to come in these coming these. So stay tuned for all the IFA coverage as we do our best to bring you all the round ups and streams from Berlin.

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