iLock Provides You Better Ways to Lock Your iPhone

Smart phones, a product category increasingly defined by intense competition between apples iPhone and gaggle of manufacturers who have embraced Google’s Android software.

Both have their amazing features to back them but one particular feature in android which I wish was there in iOS is the way you want to unlock your device.

Apple has a very simple interface to unlock the device , the max which we can do is set a pass code, so whoever has to unlock the phone must be familiar with the pass code. Fair enough but not fancy enough. Where as android has this amazing pattern unlock style. You can choose your pattern and there you are, the next person who wants to use your phone should draw the exact same pattern as you have set. A practical feature really, ensures privacy as well as gives a fancy look, which can be used to impress your friends.

With ilock , we can have the same pattern unlock in our iOS devices. How awesome can it get? To use a phone as good as an iPhone and yet have all the features which people with android devices boast of?

“Liberate your lockscreen”, this is the motto of the developers of this killer application.Not much to describe,so just see it for yourself


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How to get ilock

1)Open Cydia.

2)Search for ilock.

3)Download from BigBoss repository for just $1.99.

4)For those of you who have added xsellize repository, you can download it for FREE.

That’s it. You’ll have iLock on your iPhone. Open it and select your favorite lock screen and start locking your phone in a way you want.

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