I’m A WP 7: Social Networking for Windows Phone 7

We at Blogtechnika are your solution to every tech related need. However, we realized that one platform we don not cover much extensively Windows Phone 7. It is absolutely true that Windows phone 7 has not yet hit the highs of Android or iOS or for that matter the forgotten giant in Symbian, but it is an OS with great potential. So for all of you using Windows phone 7 here is a wonderful app for your mobile social networking needs.


Few years ago it would have been hard to believe that social networking would reach the sort of usage it has. IM A WP-7 is a wonderful client for windows phone 7 that allows you to communicate and get in touch with your friends using Windows phone 7. It is exclusive to Windows 7 users. The first step post downloading this application is like always to make your account, which is a really easy process. You can play around with the UI which is intuitive and has plenty of tweaks to suit your moods and preferences.


You can choose your picture, the name and turn your location on depending if you want to get in touch with people in your region. After you have set everything up, nearby is a wonderful feature that takes you to the users that are close by to your place. There is also a surprise me feature which actually takes you to an unknown region and shows you the number of Windows phone 7 users around that place and lets you interact with them. Some latest news regarding the platform is also available on the application which is really good. All and all if you are proud Windows 7 user, this is a wonderful application for you and you can do plenty using it. It is not as big as Facebook or Twitter, but a wonderful dedicated app none the less.

Download I’m a WP 7 [via: Addictive Tips].

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