I’m Busy SMS Lets You Send Predefined Message to Caller Easily

How often do we find ourselves in a situation where we get a call from an important person but due to some unavoidable circumstances ,such as being in a meeting or attending a lecture ,are unable to pick the call,but at the same time we don’t want the person to think that he/she is being ignored,we want them to know that we are busy and that is the sole reason that there was no answer to their call. We obviously don’t have enough time to cut the call and then type an SMS text to let the other person know that we are busy.
Well here is one tweak,or shall I say one of the most useful and most practical tweak I have seen in a long time. Goes by the name of I’m Busy SMS.

It lets you decline an incoming call and send a pre defined message to the caller. The amazing part is, the simplicity with which its carried out. All the user has to do is ,swipe ,which is very convenient and not at all cumbersome. The default message which this tweak sends is , as the name suggests “ I’m Busy” ,but well this can be modified. All you will have to do is,go to the settings of “I’m busy SMS” and define your custom text,and it’s done. Can it get more neat? Well no. Here’s a screenshot for you to know how it all looks.


Now the steps to get this awesome tweak

1.You should have a jailbroken iphone.

2.Go to Cydia, in a search bar, type I’m Busy SMS.

3.It will be available and is hosted by BigBoss repository but for $2.99.

There are ways to get it for free, get in touch with us for the various iPhone related tips, tools and hacks.

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