Image Privacy Removes Metadata Information of Images in Android

These days people love sharing photos via their mobile phones wsing various mobile apps such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Sharing photos is good but sharing your info with these photos are not good in security point of view. When you share your photo, you also share the metadata information attached with that photo. Metadata contains date, time, location, camera settings information. This metadata information can be used for tracking purpose. So it’s better to share your photos by removing metadata information.

To remove this information there is an Android app known as Image Privacy. It removes all the information attached with your photograph prior to sharing. To use this app , you need to download and install it from Android App Store. After installing, you’ll get a Strip metadata icon in sharing menu.


Select the icon and then you’ll get option to send clean image to various social media sites. Select the site where you want to upload your pic and it will upload a striped out clean image having no metadata.

Note that it don’t removes the information from your image, but it creates a stripped copy of your image in your mobile device and shares that image. So your original image will remain intact and you can use the metadata information to sort our videos whenever you want.

Download Image Privacy in Google Play.


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