Images of Amber Update for Windows Phone 8 Leaked Online

Nokia announced that it would be bringing an update to it’s Windows Phone Devices when it launched the Nokia Lumia 925 recently. The update will be called Amber and is set to bring a lot of new things to the table. Although the estimated time of arrival of the update is not clearly known yet, but it definitely is one update that would appeal to you if you are an old school Nokia fan.


The update will be available only to Nokia devices on Windows Phone 8, so devices such as Lumia 800, or 900 or even other OEM’s such as Samsung or HTC will not be getting this update. Amber update is set to bring FM radio to Windows Phone 8 devices, however the Lumia 620 will not be getting this FM update. But this is not the groundbreaking feature. Remember the old Nokia phones allowed you to watch the time and notifications on lockscreen even when in sleep? Yes, the famous feature is all set to make a comeback in the Amber update for Windows Phone 8.


Another feature that could be coming is the Tap to Unlock feature which was so famously lauded in Nokia N9. There are also a few Camera features that will be added with Amber update such as Best Shot or Action Shot features. The ISO can be as high as 3200 with the new update, so it is a good news for those who rely on their phones to take pictures. Like we mentioned earlier, there is not date decided when the update will start rolling out, but with screenshots already leaking and the Lumia 925 already launched with the update, it should not be very long.

Via: technobuffalo

Images Via: Do Spy

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