Images of BlackBerry Z5 Leaked online: Rumoured Successor to Z10

Thorsten Heins announced at the BlackBerry Live event last month that there would be a lot more devices coming which would be running BB 10 OS. There was a bit of concern among BB loyalists, when the company launched the BB 10 and hefty pricing that BlackBerry put on device meant it was always an uncertain road to tread upon given only the Q10 and Z10 were announced initially. Few months fast forward, things are looking a lot more positive for BB and developers are finally boarding their ship which seems to be sailing just fine, as of now.


After announcing Q5, which would be the successor to Q10 aimed at emerging markets, looks like the Z5, has been leaked on the internet. The device will be a slightly lower spec’d device as compared to the Z10. Going by the leaked images, you can be sure the device will have a slightly smaller screen size and also features a lot more curved form factor than the Z10.

The device shown above may be a total false and fake given how many of these leaks come out, but keeping the design consistency, it does seem, even if it is a fake, it is a very good one. Another guess doing rounds is the device may be named the A10 and not Z5 and be the device to initiate an entirely new class of devices in the mid range all touch BlackBerry devices.

Via: Berry Flow

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