Images of the Budget iPhone Leak Online

A budget iPhone is in the works, we know that much. We say that with confidence because there is no smoke without fire and the device has already gained way too much traction for it all to be a hoax. We have seen a couple of leaks of the device in manufacturing already as the reports fly out that the device will be available in more than one colour. However, for the first time, the entire device has practically been leaked out, here are the images:


The leak shows the device will cary forth the same ergonomics and design guidelines as the iPhone 5 and the screen size would remain 4 inches with a resolution of 1136×640. The device despite coming in plastic chassis at least does not give out a very plastic look of say a Samsung device. We do like what we see because it takes the design back to the days of an iPhone 3G.

There is lightening port at the bottom of the device so that is pretty obvious that Apple will continue with it if the leaks are true. However, one major concern is that there is no FCCI marking below the iPhone branding on the image on the right side, we are sure Apple will add that, the absence of it pretty much shows that the device has not passed the FCC test yet and we can expect that addition soon.

So what are your thoughts about the budget iPhone? Do you like what the leaks show or would you have expected more. Let us know in the section below.

Source: Techdy

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