iMessage Service Might Come Out For Mac

Here’s some good news for Mac Users. After introducing the Facetime service Apple might introduce the iMessage service into Mac.

Well iMessage service is seen to be the rival of BlackBerry Messenger. This service will first be introduced in iOS 5 which is expected to launch this fall. Apple is planning to build iMessage into the iChat application. This is according to the references of OS X Lion’s iChat framework.


The best part about iMessage is that even though it uses the message app on your device, when you send a message via imessage app you get to know when it was received and when it was read. Along with this you also get to know when the recipient is tying a reply. It works just like an instant messaging service. These delivery receipts indicate that imessage might feature on Mac.

This is the framework for the latest version of iChat under OS X Lion,

@interface IMMessage : NSObject


IMHandle *_sender;

IMHandle *_subject;

NSAttributedString *_text;

NSString *_plainBody;

NSDate *_time;

NSDate *_timeDelivered;

NSDate *_timeRead;

Delivery report and time at which message was read were not a part of iChat’s protocol. These points to 2 possibilities, either Apple will add delivery and read report in chat or it will integrate iMessage into Mac.

iMessage on Mac could turn out to be pretty handy as there are a lot of users of iPhone and you can send them messages while sitting on your Mac and your won’t have to pick up your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Since Apple has already introduced Facetime for Mac, iMessage’s incorporation won’t be a surprise.

[via Technobufallo].

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