iMessage vs Blackberry Messenger (BBM): Who Will Win?

It is extremely satisfying that most of our predictions of the WWDC have come true, so congratulations to us! But one service that most of us did not really expect was the launch of iMessage. iMessage is basically to all the Apple users what BBM is to the popular services of RIM. So does the launch of iMessage would be the final nail in the coffin of RIM? Or would the popular Blackberry Service stand the competition here is my view.


It is very interesting to read a small report from a leading financial expert..

iMessage announced by Apple on Monday will challenge RIM’s highly popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) instant chat service which has given the Canadian company an edge over its rivals. The Apple announcement made investors more jittery, plunging RIM stock on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and Wall Street Tuesday. It slipped more than three percent in Toronto to close at $36.92, and 2.8 percent on Nasdaq to close at $37.82.

It is extremely clear that RIM has already started losing its grip on the IM market and this just when the announcement was made. However my view is that it would very much be a parallel existence. It is a no brainer that a Blackberry Smartphone is cheaper than an iOS device and with lots of teens addicted on IMs these days the product that sells cheaper will definitely have a future. However with RIM already losing a lot of its grip in the market it is true to say that BBM was their last real selling point. Also what this could mean is that

Android may soon come up with their own IM service and seeing the growth of Apple and Android, RIM may well become another case of Nokia, a forgotten hero. For now though, the BBM would continue to be a hot choice amongst the youth and businessmen alike, but RIM would really have to come up with something truly out of the box if it wants to be a major market player.

What do you think about iMessage? Do let us know.

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  1. It’s really sad to here that Nokia is a forgotten hero. Man! My nokia phone really SUCKS! From the downloadable apps, the speed, messaging, long-term app support for updates, chat that f*ck’m Ovi chat! An im service for nokia phones that nobody uses.. HELL! I should have bought a BlackBerry. But after knowing what the iOS5 has to offer, I’ll buy an iPhone4 🙂 It’s great that the feature that makes me wanna buy a BlackBerry, the BBM will soon be surpassed of the iMessage feature. Great Job, Steve Jobs! Lol.

  2. It doesn’t have to beat BBM. It just has to have the core experience and make it feel like a seamless part of the interface. Having an equivalent to BBM is enough for some to jump the fence.

  3. I think BBM wil wein almost everyone has a blackberry and everyone wil vote for bbm because they do not know how imessage works

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