iMovieHall is a Database of Indian Movies

While watching my one of the favorite movie database site, many time I think that is there any Indian version of this site exists that mainly focus on Bollywood movies? IMDB also includes Indian movies but it doesn’t have a large Indian user base. iMovieHall is a new startup which can be said as an Indian version of IMDB.

It focus on all Indian movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali languages. On home page you can see the chart of top 10 movies. Also there is a features box displaying current running movies in theaters.

To use this site, registration is required which is free. After registration, users can start voting the movies, interact with other users and post comments in an inbuilt movie forum. Also there is a picture gallery where users can upload images of their favorite movie personalities.


You can sort movies according to years of release of movies. But I found that it doesn’t include any record of any Bollywood movie released before 1990. According to the developers of this site, this is a Wikipedia of Indian movies. Impressive tagline but still it needs to go far away. While checking the top lists I found very less number of votes. But as this site is new we should expect a huge growth in future. And who knows, it might be the next IMDB of Indian movies.

Check out iMovieHall.

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