Improve readability in Google+ using Usability Boost

Usability Boost is a Google Chrome extension that helps improve the experience on the webpage by making a few tweaks to make the usage more easier and user friendly. This extension for Chrome adds certain features to the Google+ webpage that may not be available by default but can be really useful while using Google+.


Some new features that Usability Boost provides to the Google+ webpage are:

1. Specific CSS changes on the webpage that help focus more on the content by visually separating the posts and comments thereby improving the design of the page.

2. Post information shows up on rollover only.

3. Notification bar stays fixed on top so you never miss a notification ever again.

4. Displays a direct link to Mute Post

5. A new feature has been added that allows you to star a post so you can read it later.g 2

You can even customize the various features that you want to use on Google+ by going to the options menu under the extensions tab. You can configure anything that you don’t want on the Google+ page.

This extension provides full flexibility with the Google+ experience as you are the one who can control any new interface changes to the webpage unlike Facebook where you get a new interface almost every week which only makes the experience more difficult.

Download Usability Boost Google Chrome extension.

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