Improve Your Computer Performance Using Soluto

Soluto is a freeware utility that helps users to increase their computer’s performance without the risk of deleting any important files that are required by your computer. I have never seen a software that provides so attention to detail like this one does. Soluto is a complete solution for your problems regarding slow boot time, browser speed and system crashes.


First of all, the installation window is so cool to look at, I actually forgot about what I was doing and ended up staring at my monitor till the application installed. The interface is so neat you don’t feel like leaving it!!

soluto first boot

After installation, the software will ask for a reboot. Once this is done, the app reads all the data, studies and analyzes it and presents to you a simple yet detailed overview of your computers performance and how you an improve it.

soulto light]

There are 3 main options you can choose from. Lets start off with your web browser. When you click on the Web section, Soluto displays a list of all the browsers that you are using on your computer and shows the various addons and extensions used by those browsers.

soluto main

When you click on an addon on Soluto, the software opens a window containing all the information related to the addon, like what it does, its popularity amongst other users and also what will happen if you disable it. Soluto shows these extensions in two sections. One section shows the browsers and toolbars which wont affect your browser upon disabling and another section, displayed in red shows the toolbars and extensions which are better off not being deleted. So you will have a detailed overview of what you can do with your browser extensions and how you can speed up your browser.

Now lets go to the Boot section of Soluto’s main interface.

soluto graph

When you click on the boot section of Soluto’s boot section, you will be presented with a graph showing all your startup programs and how important they are to your computer’s startup process. The apps highlighted in green are the ones that are not important for your startup and can be delayed or paused depending upon the user’s demand for the app. The apps highlighted in orange are certain apps that are potentially removable and are advised to be handled by professional users only.

Even for novice users, the information provided for each app is enough to make them understand what they can do with those apps. The grey section of the graph shows startup apps that cannot be removed by Soluto as they are required for the system to run properly. Soluto also displays the time taken by your computer to boot and also shows how much time you have saved by pausing or delaying certain boot applications.

soluto boot

The last section of Soluto’s main windows is the Crashes section. Here the software lists all the programs that have crashed during usage and also displays solutions to help reduce these crashes. The coolest part is that the software shows a graph of all the users who have suffered the same problems on the program.

Soluto is a must have software for all users. It is probably the most fun you can have with a performance optimization tool on your computer.

Download Soluto.

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