Improve Your Gmail Interface With Better Gmail Options [Chrome Extension]

If you tried the Better Gmail for Firefox developed by Gina Trapani, then you definitely have an urge to use it in Chrome. Developer Gruev did a very nice job by making one such nice extension for Google Chrome users. It has plenty of options. You can change the feel and look of your Gmail interface and become more productive by using it.

Download and install the extension from Google Chrome official extension gallery. An option page will open automatically and you can check the boxes next to the options available. Also you can visit option anytime by typing chrome://extensions/ in the search box and selecting Better Gmail (Unofficial) options. You can also click on the wrench icon on the top right and then go to extensions –> better Gmail options.


Here are the options available in this extension:

  • Remove ads, fix page width.
  • Hide chat.
  • Hide invite friends field.
  • Hide chat status.
  • Better Gmail options button.
  • Unread message count in tab favicon.
  • Handle email (mailto) links with Gmail.
  • Folders4Gmail, Hide buzz, HTML Signature.
  • Add row highlight on mouseover.
  • Add attachment icons to show file type of an attachment.

You don’t need to select all the options, select the choice which is good according to your work. Suppose you like to chat in Gmail interface then don’t need to hide the chat box. Similar things apply for other options.

Download Better Gmail options Chrome extension

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