Increase Your Browsing Speed with Tweaks on DNS with DNS Jumper

DNS or Domain Name System is what convert what we, humans understand into the language in which the computer can understand. Meaning, it is difficult for humans to remember the IP addresses of websites because they are a series of numbers for the computer to understand like But it is easier for us to remember names like

So the DNS converts what we type in our language, the name of the website into the IP address which is a series of numbers which the computer can process. DNS jumper is an app that allows users to select the right DNS server for their connection to help receive the maximum speed from their internet connection. Usually, the DNS server closest to your location is the one which is the fastest. So DNS jumper helps to locate the nearest DNS server and sets your connection to that server to get the most out of your browser.

dns jumper

DNS jumper is a portable app so it requires no installation. Just download it from the website, extract the files and run it. When the window opens, you will see that on the bottom right side of the window, is the DNS which is being used on your connection. To check if your DNS server is the fastest, just click on Fastest DNS on the left side of the window.

dns jumper test

Once you click on the Fastest DNS button, the app will check for all the DNS servers around your location and display the fastest DNS at the bottom. Once this is done, click on Apply DNS servers. Sometimes the DNS server that is the fastest is already selected as your default DNS server. But it is always good to know if your internet is running at optimum speed.

Download DNS jumper here.

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