Indian Accents Not Supported By Siri

Apple’s iPhone 4S has arrived in the Indian market and according to the reports Apple fans are not queuing up out the stores to own the product, all because of the humongous price tag attached to it.

The most talked about thing about the iPhone 4S off late has been the voice assistant Siri. But a thing of concern for Indian users is that Siri doesn’t recognises Indian Accents. A lot of people have raised this issue. Even Apple has admitted it indirectly. When we compared the Apple’s website for India and the U.S. we found that Siri is not mentioned anywhere in the Indian version of the website. It cannot be found even on the technical specs of the iPhone 4S ! Below is the screenshot comparison of the two websites.


Apple U.S. page



Apple India page


As you would have spotted, there is no Siri in the Indian page. Also keeping in mind the price tag and the response that the iPhone 4S is getting in India, it is very unlikely that Siri will support Indian accents anytime soon.

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