India’s Aviation Downgrade to Tier 2 Set to be Revoked by December

In what was a rather embarrassing situation, when India was dropped to Tier 2 in the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA), a new twist of plot for the good is set to save the blushes. In what is seen as a positive influence from the visit of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to the US, a delegation is set to inspect the improvements made by the DGCA as a response to the downgrade on December 8th, with high possibility that India’s position in Tier 1 will be restored.


All this comes as a result of a meeting of three FAA executives with the members of the EU Air Safety Committee where they discussed the possible measures taken by the DGCA. A result of this demotion saw the two airlines out of India that operate in the US, namely Jet Airways and Air India have their plans for expansion in the US put on hold.

The safety concerns that were raised have seen the DGCA recruit 75 CFOIs or Chief Flight Operations Inspectors, with 56 of them already put in place and the rest due to join up by next week. A senior DGCA official has said that all the positions will be filled by November 16th, well in time for the major inspection on December 8th.


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