[Infographic] All iOS 7 New Features at one Place

It is September 18th and the release of iOS 7 is here. Finally the operating system which has created so much buzz in the tech industry is all set to roll out for public. Since its announcement in June, there must have been a few million articles written about the features of iOS 7 and how big a jump it is in terms of UI overhaul since the inception of the very first iPhone. However, if you still are wondering what the features are and what does exactly iOS 7 bring to the table, then here is a complete infographic with all the new features of iOS 7 explained in admirable detail.

iOS 7 wold be available starting September 18th. the update will be OTA for all those with iPhone 4 and above and iPad 2 and above.

Here is the infographic:


Via: Visual.ly

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