[Infographic] Cell Phone Ettiquates Around the World

Very often there is a debate raging along on social networking platforms such as Facebook or Twitter as to what cell phone etiquettes are. The saying that as phones are getting smarter, people are getting dumber is very true. People seem to be getting totally oblivious to what is going on in their surroundings when they are surfing on their phones and this is not just rude but downright disrespecting. However, if you are a traveler or generally want to know what are some good etiquettes of using smart phones in various countries then we have a very interesting infographic for you today.


I is indeed interesting to see how things vary at various points in the globe when it comes to what is an acceptable behavior when using a cellphone. So, its obvious that if you are in Italy you are governed by a different rule as compared to that when you are in the United States. Though, what is pretty perfectly acceptable is to put the phone down whenever you are on the road, in whatever part of the worl. No matter how interesting the image may look for an Instagram update, safety is one foremost importance.

Do let us know if you follow these etiquettes and if you have some more to add on to them, by commenting in the section below.

Via: Visual.ly

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