[Infographic] How to Create a Good User Experience?

With smartphones becoming a mainstay in our lives, we all have interacted with mobile apps at some point. Not just that, but with digital revolution, User Experience has been an important matrix for us to judge an application, website or any interaction in the digital world. User experience simply defined is the overall simplicity or difficulty in interacting with the various objects.

While we have all criticised an app or a website for poor user experience, not many of us know what exactly makes for a good or a bad user experience. While user interface plays a major role in defining the UX of an app or a website, that is not all, there is a lot more that goes into it. For example, something as trivial as load time could be a major factor that you must keep in mind while designing a good user experience.

So what exactly should you take care of, when you are designing something that must have a good user experience? Here is an infographic that we found, and thought it was something we could all use while working on user experience.


Which of the above stated points, do you think is the most important to be kept in mind, while designing the user experience? Let us know in the section below.

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