[Infographic] The Story of Android

It has been a while since we shared an interesting infographic with you. Yes, we know that infographics are pretty much the best way of shelling out intensive long fold information. So here is one that we thought was worth sharing and interesting. Few of us have been very fortunate to witness the tremendous growth of Android as a platform. Right from the days of HTC Tattoo to HTC One, I have followed Android from close quarters and although, things may not have been right perfect, Android has come a long way. So, this friday, let’s cast our minds back, sit back and enjoy how far we have come rather than complain about few apps force closing or how fonts across the board are not uniform.

Here, in this very well put infographic is the journey of Android, remembering how the little robot evolved:

The Android Story

Via – Visually.
So a quick view in the rear view mirror this Friday, we hope you liked this infographic. Do let us know your views in the section below.

Source: Socialcubix


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