[Infographic] What does your iPhone Case say about you?

iPhones are as much a fashion accessory today as devices to just make a call or send a few messages here and there. Owning an iPhone today seems only second to nirvana. Yes, some people are that crazy for it. But, one thing that has become pretty synonymous with owning an iPhone is the cover or the case you are going to use on the device. Given, how costly these devices are and fairly delicate nature, every user in their right set of mind will have a case or cover of sorts for their expensive iPhones. People take ages to choose the perfect cover for their device, and wont lie, it took me about two months of owning my iPhone 5 that I found what I considered to be the perfect case.

So a case says just as much about you and your personality and your taste as the device you are carrying. Mashable have in fact come up with a very interesting infographic that segregates personalities based on the cover of your iPhone. Broadly speaking this may apply for just about any smart phone, but let’s keep it specific to iPhone for now. Here is the infographic:



So which one of the above categories do you fall? Let us know in the section below. Just to let you know, my old cassete case on the iPhone probably puts me among ‘The Nerds’ category, but hey, that was something I knew already.

Via: Mashable

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