Initial Impressions Of The All New Temple Run 2 on iOS

Temple Run has been a run away success when it comes to portable mobile games. Just like Angry birds, Temple run has been one game that you would find on pretty much every Android as well as iOS powered device. The game has been downloaded millions of times and surely you know by now that Imangi Studios, the developers of the game have decided to gives us all the Temple Run 2, a successor to the original Temple Run. The game at the moment is available for iOS devices only meaning the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. There is no news on when the game could be out for Android devices, but be sure it would be coming soon. If you have not already tried the game, here is the download link from the Apple iTunes Store. The game can be played on devices released including and after the launch of iPhone 3Gs.

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So having played the game a few times, what are our first few impressions of the game? Let’s find out.

What’s Changed?

This was the first bit of question that was bothering our head when we had downloaded the game on our trusty old iPad 2. Well, to start off with the initial screen is new, and all green instead of the yellow on the previous version, giving a more environmental and organic feel to the game. The game starts off similarly to the original temple run with the camera panning towards a den from where the player emerges. There definitely is a change of camera angle about this if you want to be very picky. The very first thing you will notice is that the paths are no more straight with turns, they are more curved and angling as well as not on the same altitude. This will require some getting used to. You may actually end up swiping across the player to move on the curved path when in reality the player does the adjustment yourself. It is definitely an increase in the difficulty coefficient of the game. When you are dying, the monsters behind you too seem to be a lot bigger than the previous version. You also get a gem at the start of the game now, very similar to Ninjump where you can afford to get caught once yet rescue yourself by using the gem which you can purchase too. The graphics are definitely a notch up, more on that in the next section. The levels and powerups are now handled better and there are a lot more special powers to look forward to. The levels ad achievements are well defined now which means you do not really have to play the original game to understand how the game works.

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The graphics on the Temple run 2 are impressive. Even while not playing on the retina display, you get the feeling of realism in the game. It looks pretty on the retina display without a doubt as our iPhone 4S proved. The graphics are more environment friendly and the game is easy on the eye thanks to a lot of use of brown and green colors especially over the yellow used in the previous version. There is a lot more eye for detail too in the version two of the game as you run through the clouds and come down on slopes, changing away from the straight straight jungle run of the original Temple run. The game play takes place in more like a kingdom sort of place than just a plain jungle, and feels like you are running on cliffs, which gives that little bit extra to the Temple Run 2. The character of the game stays pretty much how it was, though it would not have been a bad idea to change his appearance a little to give that feeling of next version.

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Performance And Response

The performance and response of the game remains top notch just like the original version. There is no noticeable lag anywhere in the game. The only thing that may differ is the loading time of the game from one device to another. Apart from that, the character responds to every little touch which makes sure you enjoy the game to the fullest without getting frustrated at your input not getting registered. The background music also is a little better we feel from the previous version of the game.

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Overall, we feel the game is a worthy successor to the original game. The original Temple Run had become a little stagnated with people posting scores in crores by hook or by crook, and this game definitely gives a good challenge to the gaming community of the iOS world. We look forward to spending a lot of time this weekend playing this game and if we do find something more interesting or worth telling, we would add on to our review.

What are your impressions of the Temple Run 2 so far? Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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