Instacurate Turns your Twitter Timeline into Newsfeed

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way, you are not aware of what Twitter does and is capable of. Twitter has not only emerged as an excellent microblogging platform for you to communicate with your friends and family, but also has been an excellent platform for discovery. Virtually every possible news channel or outlet today is present on Twitter and not just this, if someone sees something, Twitter is a nice quick way of communicating to the world. However, the drop-down list type view of the default Twitter app sometimes does not do the news justice as the images are not displayed inline.


Overcoming this, is a tool call instacurate which basically turns your Twitter app on the web to a news curated grid sort of a structure so that you can immediately catch what’s most important for you. To use Instacurate, simply go to the tool on the URL here and log in using your Twitter account. Almost immediately your feed will be displayed. Only the tweets that have links to a read more sort of a thing will be visible, and you can only read using Instacurate. Even basic actions such as Retweet, Favorite or Reply are not available. Instacurate also works for Reddit so that you can see all your news stories in one single place.

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