Instago is an Interesting App to help you Walk in new Cities without getting lost

One of the scary yet exciting things about visiting a new city is walking the streets of the city all alone. Thanks to the several gadgets with GPS capabilities and improvement in mapping solutions, walking new places is not as big a challenge. However, most of the maps out there including GMaps and Apple Maps are 2D and only show you the path that you have to take, but given the time of the day, challenging lighting and perhaps a total lack of knowledge about the area could make things very complicated.


This is where Instago comes into the picture. The application basically combines Google Maps as well as Google Street View to guide you along the streets as you walk in an unknown city. This is really handy if you are a frequent tourist and are not the best with routes and have an issue with the local language. Obviously the Google Street View is not the most accurate in terms of how the street would look currently as its obviously not dynamic with the change in time and season. However, the application uses the orientation of your device as well as the GPS location coordinate to find your location and give you a bit of an idea of what is around you so you can find your way.

The app also has a feature where you can drop a pin at a location and the app will guide you all the way to your destination. The app works on Android 2.3 and above but the free version is only limited to 50 seconds of Street View Playback. You can download the application from the Google Play Store here

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