Instagram Announces Layout: A Collage Making Application

We have all had that time where we are trying to stitch multiple images into one image and upload that on Instagram. However, other than some really specific apps like Fuzel, most of these collage making apps are just plain ugly or not very useful. This is why there have been time where we have personally resorted to our desktops to do the same on our desktop. But to put all of this concern away into a corner, Instagram has announced a standalone app called Layout.


Layout is a very simple application and simply joins multiple images for you to give you one image that you upload in a very simple and neat fashion. The overall UI of the app is simple and easy to understand too. You can choose from the preset custom layout and insert the images from your camera roll. You can obviously pinch, zoom or re-adjust these images based on what part you wish should show up. You also have the Photobooth option in there so that you can create a stitch of images of yourself in different poses.

Layout is currently an iOS exclusive app, keeping in line with how Instagram always goes iOS first and Android later, but we are fairly sure that the Android counterparts will receive the app soon. For those on iOS, can download the app from here.

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