Instagram Bringing High Resolution Images Soon?

Instagram and Facebook have become the staple places for everyone to share images today. In fact, today we would much rather upload pictures on Instagram or Facebook in order to share them with the relatives or friends, rather than have an album made out or even send them the pictures personally. While both Facebook and Instagram are really good and easy ways to share image and more, the problem with the entire piece is the fact that both the services really shrink the quality of the images. You can neither zoom in and with Instagram you are stuck with a very low quality 640x square images which means any HQ image really loses the sheen.


It has been reported by The Verge which has observed a changing trend in the image URL of Instagram that they are planning to bring on board 1080 P wide angled images for embed which would mean that the compression of images when being uploaded would be drastically low. It has been reported that it is the move of Apple towards a higher resolution display is what has pushed Instagram into making sure that the embeds are higher quality.

While the move is not official just as yet, The Verge has the following tip for you to uncover your images in 1080 P:

To uncover your own 1080px photos, use a desktop browser like Chrome or Firefox to open up an Instagram photo page’s source HTML code, then search for “.jpg” within it. The first result should be the URL to the larger version of the picture.

In case you do not want all the hassle, you can obviously wait, till the move is made official, which should be very soon.

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