Instagram brings the ability to Record 15 second Videos to iOS and Android App

In a news that could well be heart breaking for the die hard Vine users, Instagram has bought the ability to share short 15 second videos to the iOS and Android applications. There had been slow whispers that something like this was well on it’s way, but finally we have the ability to do beyond just snapping pictures of cups of coffee. Yes, that includes, making short clips of the coffee.


The update should be hitting your iOS and Android devices already in the form of Instagram 4.0.0. To record videos, all you have to do  is fire the app up and to the right of the old shutter button you will see the ability to record video clips. You can also pause the recording by releasing the shutter button and also delete the most recent clipping. There are filters inbuilt in the application just like those present in the photos side of things.

The videos show up in the Instagram feed with a small video sign on the top right with the images. You can share these videos with your friends across twitter, facebook etc. The videos are also available to users browsing on the dektop client. Instagram also announced Cinema, which is basically a Video stabilisation technique. To have a look at how a vine video looks like with a filter you can check out the following link:

My First Vine Video

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