Instagram Has a Nasty Bug if You Use Multiple Accounts

Instagram bringing support to multiple accounts was a great news, especially for those in the space of Social Media management or those who manage a different crowdsourced page. The update finally landed for everyone last week and it was discovered over the weekend that there is something nasty about the account switching. It is fairly common a practice in the world of Social Media management or even if you own a group for a couple of people at least to know the details of a particular Instagram account.

Instagram bug

However, if you were to log into a couple of accounts, one your personal account and say one, which is your client account and there is someone else too, who has his account and the same common client account in there then the two of you will also receive personal notifications from each other’s account. This is pretty scary, as Instagram will share the activity report including comments on your images, direct messages etc. The only good thing is, if you are not logged into the account and you have received the notification, and you click on the notification, there will be no action. You will simply be taken to the Instagram page and that will be that.

However, over the weekend the instances of the same have reduced a fair share, which points to Instagram sorting the bug out.

Via: Android Police

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