Instantly is a Meta Instant Search Engine For Instant Search

Seems like “Instant” saga doesn’t going to end easily. After Feross Aboukhadijeh got too much media attention just after creating YouTube Instant, many students and geeks are working hard to make the Instant websites. Image Instant and Maps Instant created by Michael Hart is the example of it.

Now a developer named Tam Denholm made just another Instant website which is more than previous ones. What’s special in his creation? Well, it is combination of every previously available Instant websites (YouTube, Maps, Image) as well he added some others such as Reddit, iTunes and Flickr and many more. You can call it Meta instant search engine.


At present the site has Instant search engines for total 16 services. These services are Google, Youtube, Maps, Images, Hacker News, Twitter, PHP, Techmeme, Reddit,
iTunes, Flickr, RSS, Youtube, Quickplay, Youtube 2, Babelplex, Arledia.

To switch between various search engines, click on the service name given at the top left and hit “Shift + F5” to refresh the page. A search box of that particular service will appear. Enter the letters of word to get the result instantly.

While testing this site, I found that it handles search on Twitter badly. For other sites, it works well. What attracted my attention while using this site was its last line given at the footer.

Created by Tam Denholm – Idea inspired stolen from Michael Hart who got inspired stole from Feross Aboukhadijeh who got inspired stole from Google. Read Moar!

Seems like everyone wants job in Google. 🙂

Check out Instantise to instant search on multiple sites. [Thank Nikesh Hayaran for the tip].

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