Instapopular: A new way to social networking on iPhone!

In the era of social networking sites such as facebook, Google+, twitter, bolt, myspace etc. there is no limit or restriction to the access of photos of people might be friends or strangers. Similar is a case for Cydia. We might want to call InstaPopular as the facebook of Cydia :). Giving us the ability to share and view photos across the globe in the snap of a second sounds great but i suggest you to be careful too.

Are you interested in sharing photos and wallpapers with friends and family? , download loads of wallpapers and photos from different people. Well the app is here.

InstaPopular is a brand new, free app in Cydia that lets you quickly view the most popular photos from Instagram. You can easily share or tweet a link to a photo or save an Instagram image right to your iPhone or iPad’s

InstaPopular is available for free in Cydia. Upon installation, you’ll have a new InstaPopular icon on your SpringBoard. There are no additional settings to configure. It’s a small application and will help enhance socialising to some extent.


To download this tweak:

1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iphone.

2. Once the data is loaded, go to search and type in “InstaPopular

3. It’s free in the xSellize, IHR and insanelyi repo.

4. Select it and install it.

5. Respring or reboot your device.

6. You are done to use it.

I hope you liked the Cydia app and would want to try it out soon.

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