Integrate Xbox to iPhone Using My Xbox LIVE App for iOS

It’s a surprise for iOS devices as Microsoft launched an Xbox LIVE application for iOS devices. Microsoft launched the app quietly without lot of talking. The Xbox LIVE companion was also released for the Windows Phone 7 devices which was pretty much expected. The app runs on devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However there is a lot of difference between the iOS version and the windows phone version of the app.

My Xbox LIVE App is free and with it you can now customize your avatar features and all items with the avatar closet, you can now manage your friend list and even send and receive messages to your friends. With this app users can compare their score and achievements on the go with other friends and invite new friends.
In comparison to the My Xbox LIVE on window phone 7, the app for iOS devices is still not good. The app on iOS has limited functionality but the Xbox LIVE companion for windows phone devices brings you the ability to search for games, movies and music. It has a more integrated experience and you can view the second screen information while you’re using your console.

It’s bit surprising to see Microsoft didn’t come out with an Android version. Maybe its because Google maps don’t come with window phone 7.

Download My Xbox Live [via Winrumors].

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