Interactive Watch Faces Come to Android Wear in the Latest Update

Android Wear at launch received several watchfaces that Google bundled. Post that, once the developers got their hands on the SDKs they crated even more watchfaces. Right from the minions to planets, to Apple Watch copy to luxury watches rip offs, there have been loads of watchfaces. However, the one thing common between these watchfaces is how little you can do with the watchface itself. Unlike the Apple watch, where there are elements of watchfaces that can trigger actions, Android Wear has been pretty bland and maybe even a little boring.


However, with the latest Android Wear update, you would be able to have watch faces that are interactive in the sense you will be able to change the size of the watchface, tap on it at a spot to launch a particular application or even tap on a location to reveal more information on the display.

Developers are now able to code for interactive watch faces as the APIs for the same have been made available for Android Wear. Not just this, you also get the ability to translate using the watch alone as more than 44 languages are supported. You simply have to speak out in a language in the microphone on the watch and watch the magic happen when you flip the wrist. Google has confirmed that the update will be rolled out to the users in the coming weeks.


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