Into The Sony Xperia S: Views Of A Sony Lover

The first cell phone gifted to me was a Sony Ericsson. So there is a special connection between us and I have always admired sony’s range of electronic products, be it the stunning looks of a Bravia or the sound systems or anything else. Recently the decade old marriage between Sony and Ericsson ended and they went their own separate ways.
Time passed on and the newly invigorated Sony is back with a bang- the Xperia S. With dashing good looks and a fiercely competitive specs it battles for supremacy in the heat of the booming smartphone market.

There is no two ways regarding the aesthetics and looks. It’s stunning and gorgeous. Carefully crafted into a monolithic design it seems like a fantastic next generation toy that is born to impress. It’s sturdy and clean. And then there’s the much talked about illuminated transparent strip that sits pretty well on the body. It adds to the classy looks.

The display is a cool 4.3 inch, 1280×720 pixel. It sports a TFT-LCD and also brags an amazing 342 pixels per inch. When combined with the Sony Bravia engine and an image/video enhancing software what we get is an extremely sharp, crisp and retina like display. The contrast, sharpness and colour reproduction is very good but the viewing angles off-centre are a not as good. The camera is equipped with an amazing 12 megapixel lens which gives the feeling as to how advanced cell phone cams have become. It also sports a famed Exmor R sensor that enhances shooting outdoors.

A strange absence of micro sd card slot stings. The battery is no longer removable. With quad core processors already creating ripples in the market you may feel a bit less as it has a dual core CPU. Also with the launch of android 4.0 the inclusion of gingerbread might seem harsh for those who are on the lookout for the latest versions.
Nevertheless, a few of these drawbacks cannot stop this gem of a phone from delivering.

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